COSMOPUBLIC is among the trustworthy and knowledgeable manufacturers of Private Label in Turkey. The strength of our company is due to our focus in understanding clients needs, delivering enriched solutions and our wide experience. As a result, there is both high domestic demand for CosmoPublic products, as well as an international request spanning through 80 countries worldwide.

We enrich our product range, increase our production capacity and enlarge our professional personnel through continuous investment plans. As a result, we are able to deliver the following services to our business partners in a rapid manner:

  • High quality cosmetics formulisation
  • Investigation and acquisition of high quality raw materials
  • Sample production for quality controls
  • Packaging determination – most appropriate one among a wide range of alternatives
  • Labelling design based on our client’s product placement
  • Final product delivery



  • deliver differentiated and innovative health, beauty, cosmetics, and home-care products through customer-specific formulas
  • meet ever-changing market demand through the entrepreneurial, improvement-focused, innovative approach
  • built long-lasting customer relations
  • deliver a diverse set of services to clients – domestic and international – having different sales channels and volumes, aligned with their ways of doing business.


As COSMOPUBLIC A.Ş, with the help of our mission and quality policy, we are heading off to be the leading private label manufacturer of Turkey delivering products to both domestic and international clients.


Our Values

INNOVATIVE: We design the products with innovative and creative approach.

QUALITY ORIENTED: All processes,from applicaiton to delivery, are designed to ensure high quality products that meet and exceed client expectations.

RESPECTFUL TO HUMANS AND NATURE: Protecting wellness of humans and nature is among our underlying principles.


Our Quality Policy

COSMOPUBLIC A.Ş., is a company

  • with a product range and a system that is aligned with international standards and regulations
  • that continuously improves its systems and processes, in line with total quality management perspective and in accordance with our clients’ and suppliers’ expectations
  • meeting and exceeding client requirements on product and services, with high quality, timely delivery, affordable prices
  • following and using technology in all aspects to continuously incrase efficiency

Hence, we maintain our quality standart for all client orders.