Our client’s journey with us

Our client’s journey with us

You have a business idea and you have already decided what your production requirements are. Upon contact, with our experience and knowledge in cosmetics, we provide suggestions based on your demand. Our suggestions can be either on the content of the product, or on the product range, the packaging, etc… Our goal is to reach the best collection hand-in-hand with you.

After your idea is matured, your product demands are formulised with effective,reliable content, healthy raw-materials and with the packaging that you choose among a wide range of alternatives. Your products appear as the way you dreamed of. At that point, we gather all your requirements such as label quality, fonts on your label, the placement of the label on the packaging, etc… and assure you that anything you want will be exactly met. This is how your unique brand is brought to life.

The samples are delivered to you for your approval.

We support required product analysis, upon demand.

We produce and package the products you want, in a rapid manner, in the requested amount. We control and confirm that your brand is the same as you approved, from the paper quality you want for labelling to the placement of the label on the packaging.

We deliver the products as agreed.